About Ana Walle, Creator of BedTime Treasures:
Self-esteem Building Audios for Children

Ana WalleAs a single parent, Ana was dedicated to raising her children in a balanced, motivational and spiritual way.  She and her three children regularly listened to personal development tapes by authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Denis Waitley and others.

Ana was feeling challenged and sad each night as she watched her daughter having difficulties sleeping due to the teasing of schoolmates and not fitting in.  In addition to requesting hugs, her young daughter would ask to listen to self-development tapes that she often heard in her mother’s car.

When Ana realized how comforting those audio messages were for her daughter, she went on a mission to find the same type of positive and encouraging messages, in a format specifically designed for children.

Searching far and wide, she realized that no such thing existed and was therefore determined to create her own. Aligned to the vision of creating adventurous bedtime stories based around self esteem building themes ~ the Bedtime Treasures Collection was born.

Each CD is approximately 20 minutes long and includes music, sounds and an adventure story based around a key theme (e.g., courage, appreciation). The key theme is repeated throughout the CD, which ends with voices of other children saying affirmations such as “I am courageous” and “I can do anything”.

Each BedTime Treasures story is designed to promote happy and healthy growth in our children by assisting them in falling  to sleep peacefully, while listening to positive and encouraging messages.

Contact Ana at: ana@bedtimetreasures.org

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