BedTime Treasures are a series of original bedtime stories each based on a virtuous theme to help build your child’s self-esteem!

Educational and fun, these audio adventure stories teach key lessons and include inspiring and positive affirmations read by children.

Give Your Child the Gift of Success with BedTime Treasures…

Studies have shown that people, who regularly nurture themselves with positive, motivational, sky’s-the-limit materials, succeed and grow and flourish in their lives.

As adults, we usually stumble upon this truth “late in our years” and try to quickly set out on our journey of nurturing this part of us, while making up for lost time.

Think about how amazing it would have been if your parent had introduced you to this journey early on in your life, as a child.

Imagine where you would be right now… if your parents early on fed you motivational stories and materials? Would things have been different for you along the way?

Now is your opportunity to give your child that opportunity!

Give your children a head-start in life!

Help them start out on a journey that will lead them to become ALL THEY CAN BE!

When you play a BedTime Treasures recording every night, your child will be excited to go to bed! They will learn that the sky-is-the-limit! That they can be and do anything they can dream of!

When your child wants to hear just one more story…
BedTime Treasures is the answer.

Our commitment to Orphans
Based on the premise that every child deserves to be read a bedtime story. For every ten (10) CD’s sold we will be donating one (1) Bedtime Treasures CD to an orphanage.

Empower your child’s self-esteem while inspiring positive dreams with BedTime Treasures!

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